Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NCSoft Buys City Of... Franchise

As has been reported elsewhere in the blogosphere already, NCSoft has acquired all rights to the City Of Heroes / City of Villains franchises. Hopefully this will soon result in an All-Access Pass type of deal, similar to the one Sony has. This acquisition means they now own all of the titles on their platform, except for Guild Wars (which is free to play already), so they should have no trouble extending this kind of offer.

A stable of AAA MMO titles that you can move between for a reasonable subscription fee would be a really good deal, assuming they don't overprice it like Sony did with the Station Access Pass.

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Tipa said...

I would probably pay for one that included CoX and DR if it didn't cost too much. Both games are extremely casual for me -- sometimes I buy a game card and look in on my heroes in CoH (and now I just got an email saying if I return, I get CoV for free as well!!!!).

And if it included Tabula Rasa, I might try that game as well.