Thursday, February 28, 2008

Designed for the Future

I went out and bought one of those nice new BFG 8800 GT OCs. It runs wonderfully and I can play in higher settings and get much improved frame rates in most every game I play. Except the game I really wanted it for: EverQuest II.

Eventually I want to get a more modern gaming rig, with SLI, and a quad core CPU. But EQ II doesn't support that either.

I guess that's the problem with designing your system "for the future." It never quite gets here.


Openedge1 said...

Oh too?
Would you also happen to be on the EQ2 forums discussing it?
I am ..I have an 8800GT, and it runs so long as I dont go into town, a raid or dungeon...
Then it just slows to a crawl or crashes even..
Lets hope they figure this out, as I have an ATI 3870 saved in my wish list on will buy it if I have to (2 video cards to play the games I silly)

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