Monday, July 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I guess I'm back in EQ2 again. Now that Akshobhya has (finally) made it to level 80 (I know, I know, what took me so long), I'm actually having fun with the game, running instances, and preparing to start the dreaded Epic Weapon quest. Last night, my monk led five stalwart Explorers of Legend into the Crypt of Agony. We were going to be six but one person disappeared. Maybe he freaked out at the prospect of a monk tanking with a templar healing him and ran for the hills. :)

But CoA is a straightforward tank-and-spank instance and doesn't require a PhD in tankiology so we easily conquered the zone. Unfortunately, nothing good dropped, but it was still fun. I had fun because we were grouping, not taking everything too seriously, not min-maxing the fun out of everything, though still putting in the effort to win, together.

I missed that -- getting from 70-80 was extremely lonely. It was one long WoW-style quest arc grind. Hopefully, Sony has something new in mind for the fifth expansion -- if they raise the level cap again and give us another ten levels of WoW-style questing and faction grinds, I probably won't make the effort. There's a reason why some of us play EQ2 instead of WoW, and it wasn't that we couldn't figure out how to install the competition.

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