Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Casualty of WAR

So, apparently all the cool bloggers are joining the Casualties of WAR guild for the upcoming Warhammer Online. Somehow, I managed to sneak in.

I had not been very interested in Warhammer Online before, but the more I read about it now, the more I'm getting excited. It seems like it might have the kind of game design I've been looking for. The public quest system they mention sounds exactly like the kind of casual friendly game mechanic that encourages grouping and cooperative play I've been hoping for.

I've never been a huge fan of PVP, especially in games that have levels, where it seems whoever plays more wins instead of whoever plays smarter. But I'm willing to give it a shot. That sort of end game mechanic is probably better suited for me than grinding the same instances and raids ad nauseum, which is apparently the only kind of end game PVE game designers can come up with.


Genda said...

Thanks for mentioning the guild here. You are definitely one of the cool kids now.

I think the game and the guild are going to be a ton of fun. Your observation on the PQ's is also one that I share. It's an opportunity to play together instead of alone. And for me, that makes a big difference in an MMO, even if that was the ONLY difference. Which it's not.

mikejl said...

Hiya fellow guilde .. looks like you and I were in the same boat on WAR

I post same thoughts you have on WAR last week. Never really looked at it for some time. However, after I did I got hooked.

JoBildo said...

Exciting times ahead, Lars.

Welcome to the fold. :)

Aaron Miller said...

Welcome aboard. :)

Heartless_ said...

Welcome :)