Friday, March 13, 2009

RMT in Vanguard

I don't think this will go over well. Sony is introducing RMT on ALL Vanguard servers. It won't be segregated like it is in EverQuest II.

I guess Vanguard is a dying game, so they are trying to eke out a new revenue stream, but I can't imagine how this would help the game grow. Any additional revenue they reap from LiveGamer services would probably be offset by lost subscriptions in a game that is already virtually deserted.

Still, what do I know. The game companies aren't paying ME the big bucks... :)

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Hechicera said...

Right, but think of this legally. This has always been the interesting quirk to me as an ex-IT person (non-gaming). With RMT one of the legal defenses is not just copyright infringement but ownership. The game company owns the database, therefore they actually owned the item the RMT seller sold to another. But, this keeps the item from having any implied value to the player. The sale of it is illegal, so it has no implied value.

But with this change, the player has the legal right to sell these items. Should something happen to the character, or even more intriguing, the game, can a player sue for monetary damages?

What does their new sign-in EULA look like? Of course, EULAs being up held or not is still new legal territory as well.