Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twisty Little Missions, All Alike

I cancelled City of Heroes again. I came back because of the Mission Architect system, and thought it was a really great addition to the game. Unfortunately, while it's a great idea to let players architect their missions, City of Heroes missions just aren't that fun, no matter who writes them. For me, every mission feels like running around a maze hunting for randomly placed stuff. That's fun on occasion, but I got bored of it quickly, because it doesn't take long to see behind the curtain.

I have probably subscribed to City of Heroes for six months, no two months consecutively. I actually like City of Heroes a lot; I just don't want to pay $15 a month to play something I would never want to sink more than 10 hours a month on. (And, no, the fact it's the same cost as a movie ticket doesn't work as an argument for me: that's apples and oranges.)

Why don't MMOs have cheaper, time limited, payment plans ($5 a month with a 15 hour limit?) I'd probably subscribe to far more games if they did...


Crimson Starfire said...

I'll most likely be following suit soon. Same reason.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I've never been able to spend more than a couple of weeks playing CoH/CoV. The repetition sets in very very fast.