Saturday, August 25, 2007

Deathtoll Takes Its Toll

... but we enjoyed it. I can see Sony has improved in its raid design since the early days of EQ2. This raid is particularly enjoyable because it forces you to employ more strategy and tactics than many of the previous zones. You can't just mindlessly zerg through it with the best gear possible. We didn't quite make it to the final boss, but we did really well for our first time through.

One thing I liked about this zone is that it enabled rangers and monks to show off their raid utility more so than in many other raid zones. The rangers could pull off distant archers the rest of us couldn't reach. And, as the monk, I got to show off my raid utility as well!

Yes, monks have raid utility. Really! Well, mostly our utility is to be sent down a dark tunnel, alone, to see if anything kills us. But it was fun. And, after a little practice, I got so good at it, my feign death even fooled THE GAME.

Yes, I am THAT uber.

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