Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trading My Addictions: Legends Of Norrath

This game is too addictive. Dangerously so. If I were more left-leaning, I'd probably demand there be a law to protect us from this type of game. I'm really enjoying this game.

I have little to add on top of what other bloggers have already stated. Ogrebear, in particular, has a great series of tips in deckbuilding.

My only complaint with the game so far is that the only way of trading cards I've seen so far is a lousy chat channel. The last time I got into a collectible card game (Magic: the Gathering), I ended up with garbage bags full of commons and uncommons I couldn't unload (if you play mostly with other hardcore collectors, there's pretty much only card per booster pack that anyone would have an interest in). That's even worse in this game, since cards can be used in multiple decks, meaning I need fewer duplicates. Better tools for trading could help mitigate against this problem somewhat.

It would be nice if these virtual online card games would take a step beyond what physical collectible card games let us do already. For example, since the cards aren't physical, and just a bit in a database, it would be nice if there was a way to trade in unwanted cards for some minimal value (for example: deleting ~30 or so unwanted commons could get you a free booster pack; the actual number would have to be set so as to still encourage trading and what not). I'd be more inclined to buy MORE boosters with a system like that in place since I would know that even the common "crap" I get that I will never use and could never trade could still be transmuted into something of value.


Corwin.EoL said...

Yes it is. Now you just need to beat me. muhahahaha.. Nice blog Aks. I didn't realize how close we were geograhpically. :D

Annie said...

Just to add an update because this popped up high on a google search, and might again for someone else too…

You can set up to 20 persistent trades atm that make trading much easier than in chat. (more would be nice, but then it almost always is)

LoN is totally addictive, I really enjoy the art that goes into it. And the collecting and trading thing taps any OCD tendencies we might have quite effectively I think.

I’ve only just started but my chief complaint is that I would like to chat between lobbies, unless I want to be left alone ofc. Something like the ‘tell windows’ in EQ would be nice. At least something that saves any whispers to me so they don’t scroll into oblivion before I get a chance to read them. Like /wreview, which could list the last 20 whispers sent to you. Mail would be nice too, if it’s there I can’t find it. But then, lack of in-game community building and support seems to be a persistent problem with EQ… and now LoN. It’s very sad…

PS: Off-topic on the political comment, just for the record… (and yes, because I can’t help myself)

Enacting laws to control human behavior is an impulse that is at least as common on the ‘Right’ as on the ‘Left.’ Big-C Capitalists pretend they’re against regulation, when in fact they really love it, as long as it benefits their own industry at the expense of competitors or consumers ofc. That’s what all those lobbyist and lawyers get paid for. It’s not just for defense, believe me. Like LoN, it’s all about the offense baby! The Religious-Right can’t keep their noses out of our bedrooms, family rooms, classrooms, or doctors’ offices for telling us all how we should live. And back in the day, Tipper (a Lefty wife) became the darling of the Right when she wanted to “protect” the children of lazy, disengaged parents with stickers on record albums that would point out to kids exactly which albums would freak-out their parents the most. You know, on the off chance that they didn’t know already. It goes on, and on. It was a small, throwaway comment, “If I were more left-leaning, I'd probably demand there be a law to protect us from this type of game.” But still, might want to check the old political assumptions for a touch of selective reasoning there. ;)

Haven’t seen it all, but nice blog. I’ve bookmarked it in case I ever have the time to come back. *waves*