Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bone Chips By Server

As found on

Unrest = 60% good 20% evil
Mistmoore = 30% good 10% evil
Runneyeye = 30% good 10% evil
Antonia Bayle = 100% good 30% evil
Nagafen = 20% good 10% evil
Butcherblock = 80% good 20% evil
Permafrost = 80% good 20% evil
Crushbone = 70% good 10% evil
Lucan d'Lere = 70% good 30% evil
Najena = 60% good 10% evil
Valor = 30% good 10% evil
Splitpaw = 50% good 10% evil
Nektulos = 30% good 20% evil
Blackburrow = 50% good 10% evil
Befallen = 100% good 20% evil
Bazaar = 50% good 10% evil
Guk = 60% good 10% evil
Venekor = 10% good 10% evil
Kithicor = 100% good 10% evil
Oasis = 100% good 10% evil
Innovation = 40% good 10% evil
Storms 40% good 10% evil
Everfrost 70% good 10% evil

In this case, evil will NOT triumph, because good is dumb... enough to grind this silly server-wide quest.

This quest and the Guild Hall Constructor harvesting quests work similarly: you get the quest, you go to some location, grab X items (in the case of the harvesting quests, apparently, the items on the broker weren't good enough), and then return. And then repeat, if desired. I personally hate the way these types of quests are designed; it's nice that they are repeatable, but its really annoying when you want to do it several times because you end up spending more time just running back and forth (even considering how easy travel is these days) than you actually do doing the quest: fighting the monsters that get in the way of the harvestables.

I think these types of quests should be changed to let you turn in arbitrary numbers of the harvestables. I'd rather get the quest, and then go harvest as few or as many items as I want and then drag and drop it into a little window that pops up when I finally decide to return to the quest giver. The reward should be scaled to the number of items that I give them. Its more or less the same thing without all the extra running back and forth (they can even expect more items for the same reward; that's fine by me -- I'd rather gather 100 items in one go then make five trips for ten items each... even with travel as easy as it is now, its just irritating and unnecessary drudgery.) It would let us spend more time actually doing the quest and less time mindlessly travelling back and forth to get the same damn quest again and again.

But maybe it's just me...

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