Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Warhammer Online is a pretty fun game after you manage to get past the legal disclaimer grind. Yeah, they make you scroll down and accept TWO screens EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TRY TO PLAY. How annoying.

I'm still playing EverQuest II. My guild broke up, after the guild leaders all decided to bail at once and join a raiding guild. This turns out to be a good thing as I've since joined the guild Via Solara, also on the Najena server, which is far more close knit and friendly than Explorers of Legend ever were. So, its nice how bad things can just work out for the best sometimes.

While I am enjoying Warhammer Online, I simply can't pull myself entirely away from EQ2. Even though the game was absolutely terrible upon launch, its really great now, and they just keep making it better. Heck, they even announced it will now have multi-core support in GU49 which means it might actually run well on my 3.2GHz Quad-Core QX9770 based rig!

I didn't like Spore at first, but it picks up later in the game. It still involves a little too many repetitive gameplay elements (I'm not sure how I can say that with a straight face given that I normally play MMORPGs, which are nothing but repetitive, but I am.) I guess the problem I have with it is that it plays like a bunch of isolated mini-games in sequence with little cohesiveness...

Anyway, I'm now in the space stage and my Flying Monkeys are trekking about the galaxy, and having fun exploring in their bright orange Space Trekker.

I actually got my wife to play a video game for once. She enjoyed the cell phase of Spore and she even played the entire stage. The last time I got her to play a video game, she ran my EverQuest II characters off the cliff in Butcherblock Mountains and then got them stuck on a wall because she couldn't figure out how to maneuver them back up the mountain, then got bored and left. That was about a year ago. Maybe this game can help me convert her into a gamer? Doubtful, but I'm gonna try. :)

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Stargrace said...

Two of my very best friends are in VS (Albrta and Eyenstein). While I don't know anyone else in the guild that well (I know a few) and I know it'd certainly not be the right place for me, I'm glad to see you've met up with a friendly bunch of people. :)