Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, the Hu-Meme-ity...

Bad title? I got nothing. Anyway, Pete from Dragonchasers meme-tagged me. It's like the whole MMO blogosphere has decided to emulate Facebook or something.

The idea of this particular meme is to post your sixth screenshot from your games. Unfortunately, I have never been very attached to my screenshots, so I've lost them over time when rebuilding my computer, or shuffling files around. My most recent purge occurred as I shuffled things around so the OS is on one drive, the swap file on a second, and the games on a third. Load times? What load times? Ah, but my historical record from the various games I've inhabited was sadly not one of my priorities.

That isn't to say I don't have screenshots, it's just they are all very recent. I never thought about it before, but I do kind of wish now that I had preserved some of them, especially from Final Fantasy XI, a game I have very fond memories of that I would love to reminisce over, but I would never, ever, ever go back to playing again.

Here's a screenshot from EverQuest II. It's not too exciting, it's basically just my Defiler posing with her faction window open. I had finally moved Synod Reet faction up to ally, and I was excited because I was moving closer to obtaining my epic weapon.

And here's an all-too-common scene from Warhammer Online, where my Bright Wizard was standing over his own corpse. Seconds before dying again.

I'm going to be anti-social and refuse to tag anyone, so, dear reader(s), you get a reprieve. Mostly because everyone I would have tagged have been tagged already.

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