Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recruit an Original Thought Already

Sony just announced a recruit a friend program for EverQuest II, which they describe as a "unique" promotion that gives you free game time, an exclusive mount, bonus experience when grouping with your friend, and the ability to help your friend catch up in levels (in the case of EverQuest II, through mentoring experience.) I wonder where they got the idea?


EverQuest 2 is a much better game, but at the rate they are trying to copy World of Warcraft I can't help but wonder if it will be much longer. If I wanted to play WoW, I would be. Granted, this is just a promotion I can easily ignore (except for the implications it has: the Recruit a Friend was widely abused by dual boxers to help power level their alts...), so it's not as bad as the in-game copying such as the tiered raid progression and solo quest arcs we got in Kunark, which we most certainly could NOT ignore.

Not that I won't try to take advantage of this. Anyone want to help me get an exclusive mount???


Tipa said...

Time to get my defiler to 80!


Yes, EQ2 is trying to copy WoW and have been for years. RoK, though, was such a disaster that they clearly backed away in TSO, thank God.

Anonymous said...
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Crimson Starfire said...

He he, well titled. You need to remember that the big game companies like Blizzard, Sony, EA etc are all run by the accountants, not the game designers. Innovation doesn't see the light of day unless it has a $,$$$,$$$ amount strapped to it's ass with fireworks. If another company is making money through a simple easily copied marketing strategy, guess what the first suggestion at the next company meeting is going to be...