Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Baby Space Steps In Eve

My initial impression of Eve Online was fairly poor. I think I called it a pretty screenshot in the last blog entry. That wasn't quite right, since the pictures move. It's more like a mashup of a screensaver, Excel spreadsheet, and IRC chat room.

But it's freaking addictive.

I haven't quite figured out what it is I like. I guess it's the truly sandbox nature of the game? Or the more tactically oriented (less spammy) combat? The laid back (except when I'm being blown up) nature of the gameplay?

Tactics haven't actually factored much into my fights yet: Pithi pirates seem to enjoy going up in flames from kinetic damage. But I can see that it certainly will... there are a wide array of fittings to use on your ship and an overwhelming number of options to customize your character and ship with.

The tutorial needs some work though. It's better than nothing, but it is still a little confusing. I got stuck early on when the game told me to drag an item from the hangar to my ship, or vice versa. The problem was that nothing onscreen had the word "hangar" on it, and while it said it was highlighting a button for me, I didn't see it. It turns out it referred to the "Items" button in the lower left hand side.

Then later the lady who starts the tutorial missions tells me she's sending me to a friend of hers and that she put the contact in my People & Places tab. That's fine, except I guess I got confused because I had already met a few other agents, and thought one of THEM was the new one. And so I started on the "A New Venture" mission series thinking it was a continuation of the tutorial. The first two missions were easy courier missions, but the third one sent me against an industrial that my little frigate could barely make a dent in. So I got frustrated and abandoned it, only to get a new mission that sent me against pirates. I got myself all blowed up.

Then I remembered that I had other agent contacts in the People & Places tab and I figured out that the tutorial actually continued elsewhere. Oops.

Now I have three ships: the starter Ibis ship, a Condor I made battle ready, and a Bantam for mining. I've been doing a little high-sec mining (I'm too scared to leave the safe areas right now!) to earn a little isk. I still need to finish off the tutorial missions also; I only did the first five or so. Then I got distracted exploring other aspects of the game. Oh my, this is overwhelming...

I guess I'm sticking with this for a while longer.


Curious George said...

I wholeheartedly recommend you join Eve University. They are a player-run corporation that takes in new players and offers their experience and advice in teaching all aspects of Eve. From mining and industry to mission-running and PvP.

Largo said...


Yes, join a corp. Eve University is a great corp from everything I've heard.

I highly recommend you read anything and everything EVE to get over that initial learning curve hump. There is a lot of really good player written stuff out there.

Also, check out some blogs. This will give you an idea of what you can do in EVE. or are good places to start.

Welcome to EVE! I'm really into the industry side of things now, planning on getting into some pvp soon. Hope to run into you!

Largo said...

LOL that just sounded wrong. Hope to run into you in game, not to PvP ;)