Saturday, December 20, 2008

WAR! What Is It Good For?

Absolutely nothing? It seems a few other bloggers have decided that Warhammer Online may no longer be for them. I've been saying the same thing for a while now, but I decided to log on a few times over the last few days to give it one last hurrah.

It was the same old story: empty PQs, lackluster PVE. I've never complained that a game had 'too much content' before, but its apparent that the servers can't handle the number of players necessary to fill out the content they have. Unfortunately, the content they have isn't very compelling either. While PQs are a nice step forward in MMORPG design, the rest of the PVE game is very poor compared to World of Warcraft and similar games.

There was some Open RvR going on, and since that's one of the central reasons to play this game, I joined in. That was fun, but we had a warband and Destruction at the moment wasn't really putting up a defense, so we basically took everything effortlessly. They may as well just have put a big "Order Wins" button up at the moment. In fact, the only part of the game I still really enjoy are Scenarios, and half of those fell apart due to imbalances.

The only part I seem to continue to enjoy is Scenarios and, unfortunately, Scenarios alone are not enough to keep me in game. Not when its the same six Scenarios over and over again until I level up high enough to move to finally hit tier 4.

I'm coming to the conclusion that maybe the problem I have with Warhammer is that I tend to prefer strategy in games. I don't mind losing a game, but I prefer losing if the opponent outplays me. I don't enjoy losing if the other team wins because they have more people, or if they simply play more often (and therefore level up higher). I also don't really enjoy winning if I'm on the winning side simply because we have a zerg.

Maybe my problem is that Realm vs Realm just isn't for me, because it is inherently an unbalanced form of competition. There is no way to guarantee that an RvR zone accepts the same number of people, balanced by level and class. And, of course, it's probably not even worth trying to "fix", since many people DO like that kind of gameplay.

Some day someone will recapture the essence of Warhammer's Scenarios, hopefully without the level grind attached to it, and I'll definitely check that out.

The Slovenian band Laibach's version of the song War. Everyone has heard the Edwin Starr original. Laibach actually answers the question.


Pete said...

I remember loving RvR in DAoC, but I also remember that being something we did every once in a while. It was a nice change of pace (and remember, I'm old and my memory isn't what it once was) that we'd do on a weekend or what have you.

In War, with it being a huge part of the game, I just don't find it feeling very special any more. And like you said, it's often about the numbers, or really just luck when you factor lag into it. Positional attacks, like backstabs, are a complete crap shoot as to whether they'll trigger or if the game is showing you closer than you really are.

Ah well, plenty of other games out there to play.

Danshir said...

I started up War..and just couldn't enjoy it. The combat seemed somewhere in the middle of World of Warcraft's fast combat to EverQuest's slower combat. Somehow it just came off sluggish and boring.

Since War didn't have a free trial or anything akin to that, I wasted a good chunk of money. While I think RvR is a good concept, I just don't like War =(.