Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EQ2 is Like a Black Hole

Wow, what a great GU... Although I've been spending more time in Warhammer, GU49 sucked me back into Norrath big time.

The big hits for me this time: guild halls, and the first multicore improvements. Guild Halls are a welcome improvement for the game. While our guild already had the necessary amount of plat and status for the big island fortress, decorating and buying amenities will give us a nice new set of objectives to work towards together as a guild.

As for the multicore improvements, they aren't quite perfect. It only uses one additional core, and only for animations. It saddened me that, before this fix, I could run on maximum quality and get better FPS in a performance hogging, memory hemorrhaging game like Age of Conan than in a four year old game like EverQuest II. But with this fix, EQ2 runs a lot better; I've been running around in Extreme Quality (though, still with shadows off, as those still cause a 20-30 fps drop) and everything runs smoothly. I don't notice nearly as much hitching as I used to, so I'm very pleased.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some sand to dump in the deserts of Ro. I wonder what they have buried under there???