Friday, October 31, 2008

The Witching Night

Warhammer Online has introduced its first Live Event, which involves a PQ in the Open RvR areas. It was great fun, and my Bright Wizard, Brendis, walked off with a Massive Loot bag from which I claimed the Mask of the Bloodletter, one of the four special masks for this event.

The event brought out a lot of people into the Open RvR zones, for some constant almost-nonstop (except when the cowardly Destruction dogs took to hiding in their campgrounds) action.

The way this event worked, at least in the Tier 3 zone, is in two phases. The first phase involved killing one hundred of your enemies before they killed one hundred of your side. After you succeed with that, a scary Witching Lord spawns and you have to kill that, unless you are me, in which case, you die running to the event, and then respawn and run as all heck to get back to the chest that drops after the PQ is completed while being chased by lots of sore losers from the Destruction side.

One nice thing about the Open RvR PQ - even if you die after stage 1, your contribution still counts. Unfortunately, I died before I could kill the boss, so I didn't get to experience that, but I still got the top contribution slot for the event. I mention this here because some people were saying that only your contribution towards the boss counted, and that might discourage people from participating. That most definitely is not the case.

All in all, I'm rather happy with how this event turned out. It was pretty fun; I hope Mythic chooses to move more of the PQ style mechanics into RvR zones in the future. It was a good move and participating in this event was a nice respite from the Scenario grind that it sometimes feels like this game has turned into.


Arkenor said...

So out of the two times Order has won so far (to my knowledge) you got both gold bags!

I don't know which dark god is granting you your luck, but where do I sign up?

Lars said...

I've only won once! Perhaps you are confusing me with someone with a similar sounding name. :)

On Averheim, I've seen several Order victories. The hard part is getting people to pull back (to the rock outcropping near Bugman's for instance), instead of camping right outside the gates. Then you can try to magnet people in, or send tanks closer solo to try to draw punt people towards Order's side, or whatever. But around the Destruction camp its always a boring stalemate.

Arkenor said...

Ahh. So you're not the Lar who won in the pic on my site? When you posted there, I assumed it was he!

It must just be a lucky name! Shame it's taken already.