Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thoughts About WAR

Well, I now have a level 18 Bright Wizard and I'm bringing up a Sword Master. I've started a few other alts to see the starting areas but I haven't given them much play yet. So far, I'm really enjoying the game. My favorite features are still the PQs and Scenarios. However, nothing is perfect. So far, I have a few oh-so-minor gripes. Well, it's more like a wish list really.

- Like some have noted, the reward for PQs can actually be greater if you are a solo grinding the first part alone. That needs to be fixed.

- PQs should probably scale in difficulty based on how many people are around. If there is a large warband around, there's basically no challenge at all. But if its just one or two people, its impossible to finish.

- I'm addicted to scenarios and want to see more! I guess this is not really a gripe, but scenarios are increasingly becoming the better place to go for XP, and it can get rather dull doing the same three over and over again. In theory. It hasn't yet, though. :)

- I'd like to see a way to scale down in levels. Its a shame I can't go back and play T1 scenarios or RvR after I've outleveled; I'd like to be able to do outleveled scenarios with a friend who is just starting out or to bolster numbers in a lower-tier RvR warband. Sure, I guess I could use a new character, but eventually that means I will have to keep characters locked at each tier if I want to RvR in any tier or any scenario. The renkown/XP rewards could be reduced so its not the most viable way to level up, and they could scale us so we would be worse than a natural character of that level, so its more of a convenience thing (IF I have a level appropriate character, we'd use it, otherwise, we'd use a scaled-down character.) I suppose there are always glitches in scaling that could be exploited though, but being able to play with anyone of any level is one of the features I like best about EverQuest II.

- I'd like to see some minor rewards for standing around guarding a location. It seems everyone wants to go offense. Granted, smart groups won't have that problem, since they play to win, but the XP and renowkn rewards at the end of the match seem weighted more in favor of the people who go offense instead of defense. It would be nice to just help lessen that a little. (But not too much, of course, or everyone will just stand still instead of fighting.)

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